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Visa Search   United Kingdom - China ( Tourist Multiple Entries Upto 2 Years )

Please note the China Embassy is closed on the: Every 4th Feb, 5th Feb

Requirements Per Person

One fully completed and signed application made online. Please see below instructions:

1.   Navigate to the  Chinese Visa Application Service Centre’s website, and select UK, London in order to arrive at the London Centre’s homepage. (select accordingly if you choose to apply in Edinburgh or Manchester).
2.   Enter the ‘ Quick Access’ section from the homepage, and then select ‘Online Application Form’ to fill in your application form online. The online application form will require you to upload a recent standard photograph (please check here for photograph requirements).
4.   After filling in the application form, please print out the complete form, sign on the 1st and the 8th page. Please note: the application can be edited but once the final printout is made, no further changes can be made.


*You do not need to book an appointment online with our service as Universal Visas are a registered agency. We therefore have priority to submit any allocated date.


Please be aware that as from 17th December 2018 onward, the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the UK will no longer be able to accept the old version of the application form.



Download Visa Application Form
The applicant's actual passport. The passport must:
Have at least two blank visa pages
Be valid six months beyond entry date

One colour, passport type photograph that meets the following strict criteria: be taken within the last three months against a white background and printed on high quality photo paper; be 33mm by 48mm in size; provide the full frontal view of your head with your face centered in the middle and displaying a neutral (non-smiling) expression with ears visible. No background light or shadow over your face. You may wear neither spectacles nor headwear except for religious purposes. You may not wear any jewellery including earrings and necklaces regardless of size. You should not wear any garment identical to the photo background. Your photograph should not be affixed to your application and may not display evidence of adhesive or staples

Details of travel arrangements. This must be provided as:
A copy of the flight confirmation showing onward/return travel. Double entry applicants must provide flight confirmation(s) showing both dates of entry and exit
A copy of the hotel confirmation showing each applicants name. Double entry applicants must provide hotel confirmation(s) showing both dates of entry and exit.
Applicants travelling on a cruise or on a trip with a travel company will also need to provide a detailed itinerary from the cruise/travel agency. 
First time China Visa applicants born in Hong Kong or China or those who have previously held Chinese nationality need to supply their former Chinese Passport and/or Identity Card plus one copy. Applicants applying for a China Visa for the second or subsequent time must supply their current or former passport with Chinese Visa
Applicants who have never held a Hong Kong ID card must supply a cover letter stating this and explaining the reason why. A copy is acceptable.
The applicants name as stated on the Chinese Passport and/or Hong Kong ID card must be identical to the name on their current passport.  
Children Under the Age of 18
Parent must sign the Visa Application Form on their behalf   
Children Under the Age of 6
Copy of long birth certificate must be supplied
Copy of the information page of both parents passports
Letter of consent signed by both parents

As from 12th November 2018 the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in London will require visa applicants to come in person and provide Biometric information to be collected on behalf of the Chinese Embassy.

This is required for everyone and for every type of visa with the exemption of children under the age of 14 and those over 70 in accordance with Chinese new laws and regulations. Biometric information will have to be provided every time for future applications as biometric information will not be retained.

Universal Visas will be able to pre-check all the documents as per usual and at no extra cost making sure all the necessary documentation are correct and in line with the Embassy’s guidelines (please allow at least 24hrs prechecking before submission). A member of our team will escort the applicant on the date appointed to the Chinese Visa Centre and will make visa payment on their behalf.

Please note: All applicants for Universal Visas to submit applications in London will require to be present at the Visa Centre at 9.30am. Applicants should allow at least one hour for submission of application.

Applicants who wish to apply in Manchester or Edinburgh should enquiry within. 


Applicants holding dual nationality must:

  • Apply on their UK passport where a UK passport is held or on their EU passport where a EU passport is held or on the passport containing the UK visa/permit if the traveller doesn't hold a UK or EU passport
  • Supply both original passports, a copy of the identification pages of each passport, and a copy of the identity card, if applicable. If the applicant cannot provide both original passport, an original statement explaining why this is not possible may be accepted as long as stating something other than being used for travel.
  • Be a UK resident, stay in the country while the application is being processed, and apply for standard processing as express processing is not available for dual nationals
Please complete an order form.

Visa Information

Visa is valid for six months.


Please note VAT is not included on the prices. Applications submitted in Edinburgh will be charged at £57.

3 Working Days Service

  • Embassy Fee:182
  • Universal Service Fee:47
  • Secure Postage:7.5

4 Working Days Service

  • Embassy Fee:151
  • Universal Service Fee:47
  • Secure Postage:7.5

How to Order

Download and Complete the Embassy Visa Application Form

Print out the order Form once your online order is completed or send us a hand written completed order form which can be found here .

Ensure all documents required for processing your application are enclosed prior to mailing; including your passport, Photos, Invitation (depending on the type of visa required) etc.

Post/ Courier all documents via secure delivery method to our address. (We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery to our PO Box address)


Please note that we are not an Embassy and are not affiliated with any government. In almost all cases embassies charge a fee for visas. If we handle your application, we also charge a fee in return for advising on the requirements, helping to prepare your application, and sending a courier to queue up on your behalf to obtain and/or collect the visa. The forms and services we provide are available from the government or official source for free or lower cost.

If you wish to apply directly to the relevant embassy, please consult their official website at


Calculating Total Fees: Calculate by adding Embassy Fees (including where applicable: Embassy Express Fees), Universal Service Fees (Please add VAT on the Service Fees) and the delivery charges. Please note: The amount calculated is the expected; approximate fee, other charges maybe applicable depending on the service requested. Additionally, please be aware that the embassies fees often change overnight without prior notice please read our disclaimer.

Payment Methods: We accept all major credit cards except American Express & Diners Club cards,there will be a 3.5% card transaction fee applicable on the total final amount. Our order form has further details in payment section for card types accepted. We also accept cheques, which should be make payable to 'Universal Visa Services Ltd'. Please not, with regards to cheques, we can only return your passports/ documents onece your cheque payment has been cleared. Customer wishing faster visa processing are advised to pay by card.


We can send the requirements and the application form straight to your email! Simply enter your email address below and hit the send button.

Please send your documents to our PO Box address by Royal Mail Special Delivery on the address below:

Universal Visa Services

PO Box 67508



Our address for courier deliveries is :

Universal Visa Services

Unit G2 Davina House,137-149 Goswell Road



  • I wish to thank you for your extraordinary effort in obtaining the the visa on the same day.                                                                                                                                       
    I note than on my one year multiple entry I am allowed 180 days on each visit. Due to the current weather in London, maybe I should consider extending my planned visit to India by another few weeks.
    Thanks again, your efforts are much appreciated.

    Chris Thomas
    Thank you for your services in dealimg with my wifes, Linda Spillane and my , Maurice Spillane, Indian Visa applications in the week of Mon. Nov. 14th- Thur. Nov. 17th. And also thank you for your good manner and reassurances whenever I phoned you. Would easily recommend your services to anybody.

    M. Spillane
  • The service is fast, the team are very helpful, reliable company and great knowledge on all visa questions for all countries. I would 100% recommend using them and will be doing so again. 

    Gurvinder, Fresh One TV
  • Because of its years of experience, Universal Visa has been able to provide us best passport and visa services. From their state of the art knowledge base website, passport tracking service, knowledgeable and friendly visa consultants, our experience with Universal Visas confirms to us that we've partnered with true leaders in the Passport and Visas industry.

    Ashley, C Croydon
  • Right from the start, Universal Visas impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to the problem of obtaining visas in time specially from the Angolan and Nigerian embassy, By partnering with Universal Visas, we have been able to consistently obtain our visas in time without any delays.

    Andrew, Ireland