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Visas for Oil and Gas workers


Oil and Gas Workers

If you are working for one of UK’s oil and gas firms and want to enhance your experience by visiting oil-rich countries such as Brazil, Angola, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Gabon and Nigeria, Universal Visa Services will ensure that your visa and application process runs smooth and sound. We understand that you may not be able to take time out for the boring paperwork so we do it for you.


Oil was discovered in Brazil in 1930 and since then it has become one of the world’s largest oil reservoirs. It is no news that the oil and gas sector in Brazil is thriving. Huge investments are being made for the development of this industry. The need for a qualified workforce in this South American country has never been greater. In fact, the Government of Brazil has eased its immigration policy for the European workforce.

Visa Requirements for Brazil 

All foreign citizens require visas prior to entering the Brazilian territory. We at the Universal Visa Services make sure that we sort out all these issues for you. Contact us to visit Brazil to work in the booming oil and gas sector. To apply for visa, click here to go to the main page and select your nationality, destination country and visa type to start the process.


Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil and gas producer. Many large brands such as Barclays, Cadbury and Unilever have been well-established in Nigeria and its GDP growth is continuously on the rise. With immense opportunities in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, it can be one of the few countries to excel your career.

Visa Requirements for Nigeria

Before entering Nigeria, you must hold a valid visa. The Universal Visa Services specialise in taking care of all your visa and passport requirements. We make sure that you can concentrate on your jobs while we handle all the paperwork and legalisation details. Contact us to know more about our incredible services. We will be more than happy to guide you through the process.To apply for visa, click here to go to the main page and select your nationality, destination country and visa type to start the process.


Angola, with a population of almost 24 million, is the third largest economy in the Sub-Saharan Africa. It is the second largest oil producer in the region and judging by their current growth, it is predicted to be number one in the coming 5 years.

As you can guess, oil and gas is the backbone of Angola’s economy. Many British companies have done business with Angolan companies and the results have been encouraging. With such abundant natural resources, a career in the Angolan oil and gas sector may be the boost you required to excel.

Visa Requirements for Angola 

You must have a valid visa before you decide to visit Angola. We understand that you want to be absolutely well prepared as any slightest of errors can cause delays in the application process. Our immaculate attention to detail and flawless precision will give you peace of mind. Just give us a call or email us and we will be happy to sort out your visa requirements for Angola. To apply for visa, click here to go to the main page and select your nationality, destination country and visa type to start the process.

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Please note that we are not an Embassy and are not affiliated with any government. In almost all cases embassies charge a fee for visas. If we handle your application, we also charge a fee in return for advising on the requirements, helping to prepare your application, and sending a courier to queue up on your behalf to obtain and/or collect the visa. The forms and services we provide are available from the government or official source for free or lower cost.

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