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Azerbaijan E - Visa

Azerbaijan E - Visas
Started from March 15, 2013 new procedure of tourist e-visa system has been implemented in Azerbaijan to provide the facilitation of visa procedures for foreigners travelling to the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Currently only a few travel companies are authorized to apply for e-visas to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Azerbaijan. Universal Visa Servies will use the services of one of the approved travel companies to obtain your Azerbaijan E-Visa.
With an aim to attract more tourists from all over the world, this new system is designed to transfer all visa applications to the electronic context. Hereby, visitors need to provide all necessary documents to Universal Visa Services. Our consultants will check your documents and then forward them to the authorise travel company for the issuance of your visa which usually take about 5 - 10 days.
When confirmed by MFA, e-visa is forwarded to visitors in electronic format. Henceforth, visitors just need to print out the e-visa and are free to visit the country via any modes of entry (by air, on land, by sea etc.).
What documents do I need before applying for eVisa?
1. Filled and signed e-Visa application form. (Click here to download
2. Hotel confirmation & Tourist Voucher
3. Colored copy of your Passport’s main page.
4. Passport style colored photo (dimensions 3x4)
5. Copy of your round-trip flight ticket OR reservation.
If you are going to enter Azerbaijan by train or bus from the nearest countries, you are NOT required to attach any ticket.
Please also write down on your application form Azerbaijan border entry point and type of vehicle. If it is your private car, please indicate registration plate number of the car on your application form.
How long the visa is valid for?
The e-Visa is valid for singly entry 30 days maximum duration of stay and its only valid for tourism purposes. 
How long does it take to get eVisa?
Approval of an application is not given immediately. It is required 5-10 business days to process your application.
How much does it cost to get eVisa?
The government fee of the eVisa is £65, Our service fee is £45 + VAT for this service
Should I go to Embassy to get my eVisa after approval?
No. As you have already applied through electronic visa application system, you will be sent an email directly from Universal Visa Servcies once the visa is approved. 


Is hotel voucher acceptable?

No, We do not accept Confirmation Voucher. However you can book your hotel through and then contact the booked hotel and ask them to send you Hotel Confirmation Voucher with signature and stamp on it.
I need more information
Please email or call 0207 490 0091


Please note that we are not an Embassy and are not affiliated with any government. In almost all cases embassies charge a fee for visas. If we handle your application, we also charge a fee in return for advising on the requirements, helping to prepare your application, and sending a courier to queue up on your behalf to obtain and/or collect the visa. The forms and services we provide are available from the government or official source for free or lower cost.

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