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Please visit the FCO website for Guidance for British people travelling and living overseas during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus 

Welcome to Universal Visas

At Universal Visas we provide visa and passport services in the UK, for people of various nationalities who are willing to travel to any country in the world. If you want to travel abroad for business or tourist purposes then our agency can arrange visas for all nationalities and destinations that require an entry visa in a short period of time.

Universal Visas professional and dedicated team of visa specialists are wholly committed to provide efficient and professional passport and visa services. They will advice you at each step of the way by providing efficient and effective visa information and application service to private as well as commercial applicants. We have years of experience in the industry and have been collecting tourist and business visas on behalf of UK travellers since 1998. Our experience and attention to detail has made many established travel agencies to win our trust. Therefore, we have achieved a preferred visa supplier status by leading travel companies in the UK for providing professional services for both tourist and business visas, as compared to a large number of independent agencies.

Apart from offering specialist visa services we also provide document legalisation and passport renewal services from various foreign embassies in the UK together with British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). No matter where you want to travel to and require a Chinese visa, Visa for India, Visa for Russia or  visa for any other country in the world we assure you that you will get the most efficient and highest level of service thus saving your time, effort and money. Our specialist visa consultants will save you from the hassle of spending your time and effort in collecting the required documents and following the right procedure as you can rely on our expertise to carry all these functions and details with accuracy and precision.

Our website has been designed to make your visa process simple. It includes latest and up-to-date information related to the visa application requirements of each country together with visa application forms. In addition to all these services we also provide complete satisfaction to our clients by making it easy for them to track and order their visa online.

At Universal Visas we have also established a strong global reputation for providing visas to those private and corporate clients who are travelling to countries that have complex visa requirements and rules. We take great pride in completing their document legalisation and helping them to acquire their visa at a short notice and in a few cases providing same day visa services in London. Universal Visas have also been able to develop a strong affiliation with Chinese, Russian and Indian High Commissions.  We are also the leading visa agency for Nigeria since the year 1998. Therefore, all those nationals and travellers who require visa for Russia, Chinese visa, visa for India and Angola Documentation legalisation and visa then we can guarantee you a quick and efficient service.

In addition to all these services we can also assist you with the renewal of your British passport or can also help in obtaining your additional British passport for business purposes.  


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  • Universal Visa News Update

    Nigeria visas

    Russia visas - area restrictions

    For applicants wishing to travel to some parts of Republic of Dagestan, North Ossetia, Ingushetija, Chechenya and all cities within this region, visa processing time will take up to 10 working days.

  • Universal Visa News Update

    Saudi visas

    With immediate effect, all visa applications for Saudi Arabia now require an additional fee to pay for medical insurance. Please call for more information

    Telex invitations for Russia Business Visas

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia) has announced delays of telexes due to the new regulations introduced to the telex transmission system. Processing periods can take up to 10-12 working days for single and double entry and 16-20 working days for multiple entry telexes.

  • Universal Visa News Update

    Angola Documents Legalisation

    The Angolan Embassy has announced that they require original documents to be submitted along with the certified translated copies of the documents. Please make sure that the original documents are enclosed with all new legalisation orders, the embassy are now reviewing all the documents that are not completed and requesting the originals. We will contact you if they request any of your original documents.

    Ghana news

    Please be aware that there are still slight delays with all Ghana appointment applications (up to a week). However, the Embassy has re introduced their 24 hrs service.


Please note that we are not an Embassy and are not affiliated with any government. In almost all cases embassies charge a fee for visas. If we handle your application, we also charge a fee in return for advising on the requirements, helping to prepare your application, and sending a courier to queue up on your behalf to obtain and/or collect the visa. The forms and services we provide are available from the government or official source for free or lower cost.

  • Because of its years of experience, Universal Visa has been able to provide us best passport and visa services. From their state of the art knowledge base website, passport tracking service, knowledgeable and friendly visa consultants, our experience with Universal Visas confirms to us that we've partnered with true leaders in the Passport and Visas industry.

    Ashley, C Croydon
  • Right from the start, Universal Visas impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to the problem of obtaining visas in time specially from the Angolan and Nigerian embassy, By partnering with Universal Visas, we have been able to consistently obtain our visas in time without any delays.

    Andrew, Ireland